Deep Sea Fishing In Zanzibar

With spectacular deep sea fishing and record breaking catches in Unguja, Pemba, and Mafia, Zanzibar is a “Fisherman’s Paradise”. There’s superb deep sea fishing all year round with marlin, sail fish, tuna, barracuda and trevally running deep. The Indian Ocean is rich in fish, with tuna and pelagics migrating through the Pemba Channel every year, and snapper, grouper and sharks are in residence all year round. From August to October is peak season for tuna, with marlin and sailfish running from November till March, following the pattern of the monsoons. We are specialising in deep sea fishing to guide you through the waters, offering fishing safaris for the dedicated angler. Customised boats have light and heavy tackle, electronics, GPS and safety equipment for the serious international fisherman. Excursions usually last for a day, with boats bringing you and your catch back to your hotel in time for dinner.

Experience the Thrill of Jet Ski Racing Along Zanzibar’s Stunning Coastline

Embark on an exhilarating adventure along the picturesque shoreline of Zanzibar with our Jet Ski racing experience! Feel the rush as you zip past luxurious hotels lining the coast, then venture into the open waters to witness the serene beauty of Tumbatu Island—a hidden gem rarely seen by visitors. Join us for an unforgettable ride with family or friends, challenging each other to a high-speed race like never before.

  1. Breathtaking Coastal Race: Start your journey by racing along the shoreline, approximately 100 meters from the beach. Enjoy the stunning views of the coastline, with its beautiful hotels creating a picturesque backdrop for your thrilling ride.
  2. Scenic Detour to Tumbatu Island: Experience the tranquility of Tumbatu Island as you navigate the open waters. This exclusive opportunity allows you to witness a hidden paradise that few tourists have the chance to explore. Take in the peaceful surroundings and savor the unique beauty of this off-the-beaten-path destination.
  3. Snorkeling Adventure (Time Permitting): If time allows, take a quick detour for a snorkeling session on one of the vibrant reefs along the way. Immerse yourself in the underwater world, discovering the rich marine life beneath the surface. It’s a perfect addition to your high-speed adventure, providing a moment of relaxation and awe-inspiring exploration.
  4. Safety First with Expert Guidance: Never ridden a Jet Ski before? No worries! Our expert staff will provide thorough safety instructions and riding tips before you hit the water. An instructor will guide you to the pontoon, where you’ll receive a briefing on riding areas, Jet Ski controls, stopping, and more. Your safety is our priority.
  5. Unleash the Thrill: Once briefed and equipped with a life jacket, you’re ready to hit the water. Feel the wind in your hair as you accelerate, controlling the Jet Ski through pre-marked riding areas. Challenge yourself to go faster, master turns, and navigate the waves, all while experiencing the adrenaline rush of Jet Ski racing.
  6. Return to Kendwa Beach in Style: Conclude your thrilling adventure with a final straight race back to Kendwa Beach. Share laughs and smiles with your companions as you reflect on the excitement of the journey. Walk away with unforgettable memories and a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Conclusion: Whether you’re a Jet Ski enthusiast or a first-timer, our racing experience along Zanzibar’s coastline offers an unforgettable blend of speed, adventure, and natural beauty. Join us for an action-packed day of racing, exploring, and creating memories that will leave you with a smile that lasts long after the waves have settled.

Kite Surfing In Zanzibar

We offer a wide range of kitesurfing courses and other kitesurfing services to cater for all levels and interests. Each season we choose our team carefully and all our instructors have gained a lot of teaching experience over the previous years working in many different spots around the globe. Our school is a small school with a personal touch and we always try our best to make each and every of our clients feel like home in our facility. We use the latest Liquid Force gear at our school and all equipment is kept in a great condition and replaced regularly to offer you the safest and best possible kitesurfing experience. Our school also uses radio communication for board riding lessons and intermediate / advanced coaching to make sure you get the best value for money possible while on a lesson. We offer courses for all level Kite surfers. No matter if you are an absolute beginner, need to refresh your previous course or if you are already advanced – we will suit your lesson to your individual skills. All our Courses are offered as private or semi – private lessons with a maximum of 2 students per instructor. It is possible to book as a group of 3. In this case you will be given some extra time on the kite to make the most of your time and offer you the same value for money as you would get in a small group.

water sport

Parasailing Experience In Zanzibar

If you are looking for fun water sports and enjoy the amazing views of our island then fly with Parasailing. Fly alone or in-tandem as a couple and enjoy the experience together. If you like, get dipped in the water or come in to land completely dry. The excursion will be around 35mins – 60mins including the boat-ride and each person flying for 10 to 12 minutes.

Parasailing has evolved into a safe, easy and thrilling activity. It’s an adventure anyone, from 8 to 80 years old, can enjoy because there is no running or jumping, and no experience is necessary. Enjoy the best views in Zanzibar – from the sky! From 300 meters in the air, see the brilliant colors of the coral reef around the northern tip of Zanzibar – stretching over 2 kilometers into the ocean. Gaze at the sandy, white beaches o Nungwi and Kendwa (rated top 10 in the world), surrounded by tropical trees, and dotted with resorts and local fishing villages. Your Parasailing Captain will provide safety and flying instructions to ensure you have a fantastic time in the safest way possible.


Diving In Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a barefoot beach-break that will have you sun-soaked and smiling. From diving alongside a pod of dolphins to snorkelling on a colourful coral reef and sipping cocktails while sailing on a traditional dhow, there is something for everyone here. This is why it remains one of the world’s most celebrated island holiday destinations. We are known as a highly professional and experienced operator for fishing and diving in Zanzibar. Our expert and local staff are well-trained, welcoming, and simply love what they do. Experiencing Zanzibar with us is as much about making new friends as it is about getting in the water.


Zanzibar Big Game Fishing

With its spectacular deep-sea fishing and unparalleled record-breaking catches in Unguja, Pemba, and Mafia, Zanzibar emerges as the ultimate “Fisherman’s Paradise.” Experience year-round excitement as our specialized team at Zanziflowers Tours and Safari guides you through the rich waters of the Indian Ocean. From marlin, sailfish, tuna, barracuda to trevally, our deep-sea fishing safaris cater to dedicated anglers, providing customised boats equipped with light and heavy tackle, advanced electronics, GPS, and top-notch safety gear. Witness the annual migration of tuna and pelagics through the Pemba Channel, while snapper, grouper, and sharks offer thrilling encounters throughout the year. Peak tuna season from August to October and marlin and sailfish action from November to March follow the rhythm of the monsoons. Our day-long excursions ensure you return to your hotel with your prized catch, making every fishing adventure a memorable experience crafted by Zanziflowers.

safari blue

Safari Blue Adventure

Sail to Kwale Island in a traditional dhow sailboat on a tour from Fumba Village, and enjoy a full day of snorkeling coral formations, exploring mangroves, Climb a centuries-old baobob tree and swimming a natural lagoon with clear green water. You’ll sit down to a special grilled lunch of lobster, crab, squid, octopus, and tuna with Zanzibar-style sauces, then enjoy a spread of fresh tropical fruits. This full-day trip to Kwale Island is a perfect chance to see Zanzibar at its most pristine, traveling under sail for a truly authentic island experience.

Jozani Forest Tour

Explore And Watch for red colobus monkeys as you walk through the Jozani Forest Reserve, where you’ll join with our Experienced Professional Tour guide – a guided nature tour of the sanctuary. Learn how Zanzibar’s wildlife evolved in isolation from the mainland, follow a boardwalk through a mangrove swamp, and walk between towering eucalyptus and mahogany trees that provide essential habitat for native birds. Both morning and afternoon departures are available for this Jozani Forest Reserve tour, with pickup and drop-off at Zanzibar hotels.

What You Can Expect

Head to the south of the island of Zanzibar, where the Jozani Forest awaits you. Take a 3 hours guided tour through its stunning scenery, experiencing the wonder and delight of your natural surroundings. The forest is home to a number of endemic species, including the Zanzibar red colobus monkey. The mangrove boardwalk takes you above the swamp, where, depending on the tide, you can see Indian Ocean tropical fish flitting between the mangrove roots and crabs scuttling across the mud.


Experienced Professional Tour guide will take you on a nature trail, lined with eucalyptus and mahogany trees, and explain the medicinal properties of various plants. As you walk, learn about the animals, birds, and reptiles that make their home in the various habitats of this tropical rainforest.

Additional information

  •  Tour may be operated by a multi-lingual guide
  •  A moderate amount of walking is involved
  •  Not recommended for participants with back problems
  •  Not wheelchair accessible
  •  Not recommended for participants with heart complaints or other serious medical conditions
  •  Bookings can only be accepted for persons under 15 years of age when accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them.

2 Days 1 night Mikumi park safari from Zanzibar

This 2 Days1night Mikumi park safari from Zanzibar is a short trip to mikumi National Park
national park , it guarantees you an experience of the wildlife in Mikumi done in
a game drive. some of the wildlife species you may be able to encounter
include elephants, lions, giraffes, antelopes, kudus, impalas, baboons, zebras, elands among others.


Price is based on per person for 2 people. Any less or extra persons please
request quotation

Tumbatu Cultural Village Tour

The inhabitants of Tumbatu island on the North-East coast of Zanzibar lives an isolated life and the island is powered entirely by solar panels, allowing them to be independent. Everyone who is not from Tumbatu, even people from Zanzibar, needs a written permit by the village eldest to enter the island. This trip is a rare opportunity to experience something really authentic.



 Visiting the center of dhow building activities in Zanzibar

 Explore the huge and old baobab trees about 900 year of age

 Get the opportunity to visit and discover tradition and cultural activities

 Visiting Shirazi built – the first stone building in the entire region in the 11th century

 Coral Gardens snorkeling


What You Can Expect

Tumbatu Island is a dagger wedge shaped and the third-largest island 14sq km lying North west of Unguja Island together making up Zanzibar, part of Tanzania in east Africa. It is about 30 minutes by boat from Mkokotoni and 1 hour from Nungwi. There are two common villages namely, Jongowe and Kichangani, both have an estimated 20,000 number of peoples living in and is surrounded reef rocks and corals that making it somewhat isolated from the rest of Zanzibar, even though its southern shore is only two kilometers (1.2 miles) from Mkokotoni on Unguja. Tumbatus are famed for their pride and safe guarding the Swahili traditions of which they strictly conserve. Historically who belong to the Shiraz ethnic group claim descent from Persian royalty which reputedly arrived in the ninth century, and there are important ruins at Makutani in the southeast of the island which were once one of Zanzibar’s main settlements.


While exploring the beauty of this island you will have the opportunity to visit and discover tradition and cultural activities of the peoples experience, such as Voodoo a local horoscope search that peoples use on their problems solving, business wise, good luck disease and other superstitions believes, tools used on this searching is a smoothly piece of wood with sands and little sharp pointed stick, after you will have a chance to visit a Baobab trees about 900 year of age. Take a short break of your leisure before sailing back to your hotel for over night.